About Us


Mission Statement

At Green High School, we envision a community of life-long learners whose decisions and actions are guided by the values of respect, honesty and responsibility. We focus on the development of the whole person to ensure the student reaches his or her full potential. All members of the community will be treated with respect regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability, disability, physical appearance or socio-economic circumstance. All members of the Green community will demonstrate respect for personal property, public property and the environment. Honesty, fairness and honor are the foundations of positive interpersonal relations, self-esteem and personal growth, all of which govern the decisions and actions of the community. All members of the Green community are responsible, for student learning, behavior and academic achievement. Our school community has a responsibility to foster the social, physical and emotional well being of students, preparing them to become productive members of the community through life-long learning.


Our Success

 Green High School's students have a 99% acceptance rate to the desirable post-secondary institutions of their choice. We congratulate them on their success. We would also like to congratulate our students who have received the province's Queen Elizabeth II aiming for the top Scholarship, and to all other scholarship winners. We wish these students all the best in their university career and are proud to have had them as a part of Green High School. 


We are proud to have produced many successful and well-educated professionals including graduates from medical schools, dentistry schools, law schools and alumni of Masters and Phd graduate program.