Effective March 23, 2020, until the further notice, Green high school will be holding all the classes via live stream (Skype, Microsoft meeting or Zoom depending on the classes). class schedules will remain the same, allowing Grade 12 students' midterm marks will be sent to OUAC on time.

These are unprecedented times, We are here to provide a free guide to students and their families regarding their course selection as well as university application process. If you need any guidance, please call, text or email. We are working tirelessly Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm.

Last but not least, we ask every one to take the ministry of health's recommendations seriously to assure safety of your and others.


Green High School

Green High School is an inspected private school, registered by the Ontario Ministry of Education since September 2003 to grant credits.

We are proud to have produced many successful and Well-educated professionals including graduates from medical  schools, dentistry schools, law schools and alumni of masters and PhD graduate programs.


 Since September 2003, we have delivered the Ontario Secondary school curriculum,by qualified teachers in a small class setting. Average number of students per class is six students with a maximum class size of fifteen students.

We begin by identifying each student’s specific needs, and then provide individual attention and plans for them. Green High School is a private high school that helps students learn how to understand the complex topics in an easily digestible manners, leading to increased access in high school and university. We can help you improve your self-confidence and achieve higher marks. We look forward to meeting you.


We accept international students from around the world. For more information, you may contact our office and receive information about the price and the process. 


Offered Courses

The following courses are a sample of the courses which will be offered at Green High School. Green High School offers most university and college-level courses. For more information, students should contact Green High School. 


Types of programs

Most of the courses are offered in semester program as well as quarter program ( 10 weeks)

Semester program:

You may choose one of the options:

1) once a week on weekends

2) once a week during the weekdays , Monday through Friday, starting at 4:30.

Quarter program : 

Twice a week , may be day time or after school and weekend

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Green High School

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